2019 Writing Goals

As previously mentioned I pledged to write 200,000 words in 2019 at Get Your Words Out.

I found out about the website in December but they’ve been going for ten years. And I was really curious about how much I had written last year and wanted to make a pledge but I wasn’t sure how much I should peldge to write.

I didn’t want to go for an amount I couldn’t do and set myself up for failure.

So I put together a spreadsheet of everything I wrote last year. And by last year, I actually mean from July onwards as I didn’t write any fiction or fanfiction for an entire year before that.

I didn’t include poetry or any blog posts, and my word count for 2018 was 103,887.

I was really impressed, as 2018 was a really bad year, not just for my writing but in general.

Based on that I decided that if I could write that much in six months, a years worth is 200,000. Makes sense and it seems like a reasonable goal to go for.

Plus, that is more than enough words for a novel and a lot of fanfiction.

That is my other goal for the year – to actually write and finish a novel. I have several half finshed novels and this year I want to actually complete one.

On top of that I have some monthly goals too.

  • A blog post a month on Queer Little Family.
  • A poem a month.
  • Two fanfictions a month.

It’s not much, but those are my writing goals for 2019. A whole lotta words, fanfiction and fantasy if the past two weeks are anything to do by.

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