February Word Count

First up February was not as prolific a month as January was. And that’s okay. I did not expect to do as well as I did last month, I did not expect to keep up the pace if only because my depression means that even the things I love will get discarded or ignored, even if just for a little while.

a group of pictures on a white setting - a dragon fly wing, two girls sitting together, two girls holding hands, a city, a cloudy sky and some pink flowers. The words Escaping Reality.
The aesthetic I made for my urban fairy story Escaping Reality

Plus it doesn’t matter how much you write, or how fast, only that you write. That writing advice you hear bandied around so much “write everyday.”? It’s ablist bullshit and does not take into account the myriad of situations writer’s are in.

So this months word count is 15608 taking my total to 42,149..

I took a few days off, miss my target most days and cried everyday for three days straight. Usually before ten am.

What did I write though?

February’s Work

A spread sheet of February's word count. Mostly the totals are red.
This month was very red.
  • Escaping Reality – An urban fairy fic – Rachel is stuck in a deadend job when she reconnects with a childhood friend. Part one is already up on my Patreon.
  • Twitter Hashtags for LGBTQIA+ Writers – on my new blog (cause I need more things to work on).
  • The Talk – Dragon Age Fanfiction – Isabela/Bethany – Rated Adult.
  • Endurance – Dragon Age Fanfiction for the Purimgifts Exchange.
  • Pyre – Urban Fairy Flash Fiction for the Purimgifts Exchange.
  • In Which – a poem for LGBTQ History Month.
  • Two unfinished fanfictions.
  • Started a new WIP – Queer Lady in the lake story.

You can sign up to my patreon for a dollar a month and read all my original fiction and more.

Now, onto March!

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