May Word Count



Poem – Cups of tea in the middle of the night

Fiction – Returning To The Fold – (patreon only until 3rd)

QLF Blog Post – My Mental Health at 37

Fanfiction – Your gains depend on your losses – Dragon Age – Josephine/Cassandra


Fiction – Witch/Human femslash

Fanfiction – Cassandra/Hawke

I had been a bit more hopeful than this at the beginning of the month, but it’s only really now I’m getting back into writing every day. This month was worse than April I think, especially in terms of days I didn’t write. I’ve been ill – physically – but I’ve started communicating with people again and I’m hoping to start going back to my writing group at some point. 

I have a whole bunch of posts planned for pride month on QLF as usual, and I have fic to write for a dragon age femslash fic exchange. I’ve started using to see if that helps. And there is a poetry challenge on starting today so expect some more poetry too.

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