Poetry Form: Monchielle Stanza

I cannot tell a lie
just little tales of woe
that I weave together
use sentences to bind
words to which I tether.

I cannot tell a lie
but I could try harder
with broken honesty
that should’ve been ignored
the first time probably.

I cannot tell a lie
but here we are, and why
would we even care about 
truth when we have fiction
lies will always come out.

I cannot tell a lie
can’t tell the truth either
stuck in a ragged limbo
if there is an escape
it’s not something I know.


Form: Monchielle Stanza 

Number of lines: 20

Rules: This form is the creation of the popular Norwegian poet Jim T Henriksen, and it consists of four stanzas.

Each stanza consists of five lines, and each line has six syllables (or, if you prefer, each line can be Iambic Trimeter).

The first line of each stanza is a refrain (i.e. the line is repeated, so that each stanza has the same first line) and in the four following lines, lines three (3) and five (5) rhyme, lines two (2) and (4) do not rhyme.

This gives a stanza pattern of:





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