Short Stories and Flash Fiction

Flash fiction, bits of prose and short stories to read online.


Urban fairy stories.

Socks – Harry steals from humans to pay his rent. ~1100 words

Pale – Pale is interrogated by the police. ~1200 words


Different stories and fiction for you to enjoy. 

Watch The World Burn – The end of the world is here. ~530 words.

Now, Now, Now – A little piece about the Ack-Ack girls during the Second World War. ~750 words.

Gravitate – Two new friends chatting in a churchyard. ~750 words

Kara & Etta

Stories featuring my characters Kara and Etta, a human and a mage roommates and friends

Storm In A Teacup – In which Etta is not as funny as she thinks she is. ~980 words

A Dangerous Tale – Kara and Etta need a spell to fix a spell that has left Kara with a little extra something. ~1400 words

Penna & Bailey

Stories featuring Penna and Bailey, a mage and fairy, trying to save the world together.

Unexpected Adventures and Kisses – Penna and Bailey get lost in some caves.