Week Two Word Count

I hit 10,000 words yesterday.

I actually didn’t think I was going to make my word count for the day, as I was feeling awful, mentally, but I wrote some of my fanfiction and somehow hit the 548 words and then some.

So I am well over the target, which is good cause there are definitely going to be days where I won’t have time to write, or I just won’t feel like writing.

I suffer from writer’s apathy, rather than writer’s block, something I may talk about in the future.

Here is the word count for the week:

A table of my word counts for the week 8th to the 14th.
My word counts for the week.

As you can see, Tryslora has fixed the colours on the actual word/day and I made it teal.

Here’s what I’ve written:

  • unfinished fairy fic – now at 4049 words
  • unfinished Josephine/F!Hawke Dragon Age fanfiction – now at 3981 words
  • started a witch story – 468 words
  • a poem – below – 65 words
  • this blog post on this website – 284 words
  • and the She-Ra fanfiction I wrote last week is on A03 now – Nine Nights In

I really need to concentrate on finishing something – so I’m concentrating on the fanfic first. Hopefully.

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