Word Count Week Three

Look at all that green!

I had a really good week as you can see with three +1000 word days. I broke 15,000 words too and I’m about 600 words ahead of my target so that’s pretty awesome. Means I could slow down a little and spend some time on a new project LGBTQIA+ Writers on twitter and sorting my poetry.

I did a lot of writing during word sprints in the Weekend Writing Marathon discord server. They have a schedule of 1k1hr sprints and also you can do your own extra sprints in between. It really helped.

The 17th was a Thursday, not a weekend day like it might seem. I tend not to be writing any more or any less at the weekends, because those are my days with my kid. So I do bits and bobs during the day sometimes but mostly I write in the evening after he’s gone to bed like the rest of the week.

Writing and toddlers don’t always mix. I present exhibit one.

Anyway, this week I finally finished my Josephine/F!Hawke fic – completed word count 6579. Availiable only my patreon at the moment.

Made progress on the Witches story now called Winter’s Burn and posted the first part on Patreon. Currently sitting at 4498 words

The poll for which fanfic to write next resulted in a tie between She-Ra and Aveline/Isabela so I’ve started both.

And I wrote another poem – you can read it at my instagram.

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